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First Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit was going to be one film. Then it was going to be two films. Now, apparently, it’s going to be an entire trilogy. It’s time to stop kidding ourselves - Peter Jackson is never ever going to ever stop making Hobbit films, is he? Ever. What a bloody sod.

So, to save everyone a bit of time, I’ve gone to the trouble of naming all of the Hobbit films that will inevitably get made between now and the eventual destruction of the universe. Peter Jackson, YOU ARE WELCOME:

The Hobbit: There And Back Again

The Hobbit: Back Again

The Hobbit: A Bit Further Back Again

The Hobbit: Back Again, Again

The Hobbit: Almost There Now

The Hobbit: Wait, Did I Leave My Keys Back There?

The Hobbit: Yes, Sorry Guys, I Did, I Did Leave My Keys Back There

The Hobbit: There Again And Back Again Again Again

The Hobbit: Finally Hom… Oh Wait The Milk’s Gone Off

The Hobbit: To The Corner Shop And Back Again

The Hobbit: Oh Look, A Dog

The Hobbit: Gollum’s Magical Trombone

The Hobbit: Invasion Of The Tinysauruses

The Hobbit: Martin Freeman Just Points And Stuff And Pulls A Face For A Bit

Megahobbit Vs Giant Elftopus

Das Hobbit

The Hobbit: Their And Back Again

The Hobbit: They’re And Back Again

The Hobbit: Sorry About Those Last Two Films, We Let Someone On Facebook Write Them For A Bet

The Hobbit: Gandalf’s Gippy Tummy

The Hobbit: Remember The Time We Went There And Back Again? That Was Fun

The Hobbit Holiday Special

Sister Act 2: Back In The Hobbit

The Hobbit: Hobbit Hobbit Hobbit Hobbit Hobbit Hobbit Hobbit Fucking HOBBIT

The Hobbit: Pig In The City

The Hobbit: There, Then Part Of The Way Back, Then There, Then Back, Then There Again, Then Back A Bit But In A Different Direction, Then There, Then Crying

The Hobbit: Seriously? Back Again? But We Literally Just Got Here

The Hobbit: Can Someone Just Hurry Up And Invent The Bloody Helicopter?

The Hobbit: Stobbit

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