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How I Slowly Learned to Not Hate Having No Hair (And You Can Too)

Nobody chooses to be bald. Nobody wants to look into the mirror and be confronted with an absence. Nobody gains any comfort from having a slightly better idea of what their skull looks like.

Stuart Heritage has been bald for two years. But before he accepted the inevitable, he spent a number of years ineptly trying to conceal this fact with an array of expensive treatments and terrible haircuts. Can a man go bald with dignity? Maybe. But can a man go bald with more dignity than Stuart Heritage? Oh good god yes, and this book is his attempt to make that happen for you.

Part-memoir-part-manual, Stuart brings us a self-deprecating, funny and genuinely helpful guide to being bald: what really happens, why it matters and how to feel much less crap about it.

Released April 2024


Illustrated by Vincent Batignole

Perfect for fans of Bunnny Vs Monkey and Dog Man!

Justice City. Rain soaks its streets. Crime soaks it more. The fate of the entire city has been left in the hands (well, paws) of one brave superhero.

That's right - dun dun dunnnnnn - INVISIDOG!

Invisidog hunts for danger wherever he finds it. There is no job too big, and no criminal too tough for the mighty Invisidog. He is the shadows!! And actually, that's kind of the problem. Because Invisidog's amazing superpowers . . . are kind of rubbish.

Highly illustrated in full colour throughout, with a mixture of text, graphic novel panels and integrated illustrations, The O.D.D. Squad is the perfect bridge for developing independent reading and is ideal for families who want to share a reading experience.

Released January 2024


Illustrated by Nicola Slater

Meet Pancakes and Cha-Cha and fall into a brilliant world of magic, mischief and a whole lot of pizza!

Pancakes and Cha-Cha are set for a perfect day of pizza and playing in the park... when they are surprised by a genie granting wishes!

What in the whole wide world will they wish for? Treasure or magical powers? Or a pizza the size of a paddling pool? Or maybe - just maybe - they'll be surprised by something unexpected.

Stuart Heritage and Nicola Slater, creators of the hilarious Jonathan the Magic Pony, are back with a warm-hearted and very funny story about brotherly love, the art of compromise and an elephant covered in cheese.





Illustrated by Nicola Slater

Jonathan the Magic Pony is a BRILLIANT magician. With one wave of his wand, he can make anything disappear. And then come back again. It's fool-proof. Failsafe. Always works.


Except... when Jonathan magics away Sarah's bear, it doesn't come back! And every wave of his wand causes even more chaos, with:


Sharks chasing ducks


Baboons with giant wooden spoons


Chimpanzees covered in fleas


But Sarah's bear is nowhere to be seen!

Bedtime Stories 


Worried Liberals

Anxious? Angry? Sleepless from worrying about plastic pollution, Brexit and the general miserable state of the world? 


Help is here. Put down your phone, log off Twitter, and let yourself be lulled to sleep by stories from a world where Brexit disappears in a puff of smoke, climate change never happens, and (spoiler) Boris Johnson gets eaten by a bear.


Don't be a

Dick, Pete

Stuart Heritage got where he is today by being decent, thoughtful, hardworking and kind. He is, in short, the favourite son.

His younger brother Pete is quick-tempered, peevish and aggressively pig-headed and, for a while, known to his friends as 'Shagger'.

But now, Stu has returned to his hometown to discover that Pete has taken his place.

Don’t Be A Dick, Pete is a hilarious examination of home and family; sons, fathers, fatherhood, sibling relationships and how hard it is to move on in a system that’s loaded with several decades of preconceived ideas about you.

About Stuart Heritage


Stuart Heritage has written for the Guardian since 2009, and has also written for Vanity Fair, Esquire, The Times, Men's Health, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Red, Marie Clare and the NME. Earlier in his career he founded a website that was named as both Metro's Best British Blog and one of the Observer top 50 most powerful blogs in the world.


He is also the author of several books, including Jonathan the Magic Pony, Don't Say Elephant! and the O.D.D Squad series (which are for kids) and Bedtime Stories for Worried Liberals and Don't be a Dick, Pete (which are definitely no for any kids whatsoever). He has also written for television and, as you can see, is bald now, so that's fun.


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