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Illustrated by Nicola Slater

Jonathan the Magic Pony is a BRILLIANT magician. With one wave of his wand, he can make anything disappear. And then come back again. It's fool-proof. Failsafe. Always works.


Except... when Jonathan magics away Sarah's bear, it doesn't come back! And every wave of his wand causes even more chaos, with:


Sharks chasing ducks


Baboons with giant wooden spoons


Chimpanzees covered in fleas


But Sarah's bear is nowhere to be seen!

Bedtime Stories 


Worried Liberals

Anxious? Angry? Sleepless from worrying about plastic pollution, Brexit and the general miserable state of the world? 


Help is here. Put down your phone, log off Twitter, and let yourself be lulled to sleep by stories from a world where Brexit disappears in a puff of smoke, climate change never happens, and (spoiler) Boris Johnson gets eaten by a bear.


About Stuart Heritage

Don't be a

Dick, Pete

Stuart Heritage got where he is today by being decent, thoughtful, hardworking and kind. He is, in short, the favourite son.

His younger brother Pete is quick-tempered, peevish and aggressively pig-headed and, for a while, known to his friends as 'Shagger'.

But now, Stu has returned to his hometown to discover that Pete has taken his place.

Don’t Be A Dick, Pete is a hilarious examination of home and family; sons, fathers, fatherhood, sibling relationships and how hard it is to move on in a system that’s loaded with several decades of preconceived ideas about you.


Stuart Heritage is a writer and columnist for The Guardian, The Times, Esquire and several other publications. In addition to this, he has written for a range of television programmes.


For two years running he was named as one of the 50 most influential emerging figures in the British media by The Independent, an honour that has singularly failed to manifest itself into anything even slightly meaningful. He is both fatter and balder than this image would suggest.


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